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Up the Motorway to Harrogate!


I’ll be honest, I’m not great first thing in the morning so a 5am alarm call on Sunday wasn’t the best       start to my day. Once I’d hit snooze (twice) and remembered why I was waking up this early I …

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Think carefully about who you take Gown shopping!!!


You’d like to think that everyone on whom you bestow the honour of gown shopping with you, will be honest yet sensitive, diplomatic and will enjoy the experience almost as much as you.  This is not always the case.  We’ve …

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Before you go wedding gown shopping……..

We know it’s exciting!  You’re excited, your friends & family are excited – everyone’s looking forward to shopping for The Gown.  However, before you start, just take a moment to read a few notes that we’ve put together for you…….

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How to be the perfect Bridesmaid!

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From sending out invites to helping choose the dress, you’ll be helping to make a lot of key decisions. There might be tears and tantrums along the way, but don’t worry – our top tips will ensure you’ll be the …

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Drawing a Veil over it…..

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Birdcage, Chapel or Cathedral?

Who’d have thought there was so much choice when basically it just comes down to a piece of net?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to veils:



Short, sassy and elegant.   Often worn attached to a hat …

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Accessorising – adding the finishing touches!

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You’ve picked the perfect dress, but it doesn’t end there.  Now you need to make sure that the finishing touches are all in place.  It’s not just about what happens from the neck down.   To complete the whole look you …

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A few hints & tips on shopping for ‘The One’


In our experience, the moment the engagement ring is on the finger, the first thing the Bride thinks about is ‘The Dress’.  Face it, most of us have been thinking about it since the age of about 4!  Back in …

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A typical day……

Where do we start…….  No day is typical – and that’s probably what we love about it.

Meeting new customers, catching up with existing customers and greeting old customers, like old friends, when they pop in to visit us with …

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