A typical day……

Where do we start…….  No day is typical – and that’s probably what we love about it.

Meeting new customers, catching up with existing customers and greeting old customers, like old friends, when they pop in to visit us with photos, thank-you flowers, cards & chocolates or sometimes bringing more new customers with them!

Sometimes our day involves unpacking (and trying on) gorgeous new gowns and accessories, and sometimes it involves sweating over a sewing machine or sweating buckets when steaming endless gowns on a hot summer’s day.

Often it involves planning future events & strategies, marketing, PR, accounts, advertising, up-dating FaceBook & Twitter, Blogging, completing VAT returns, placing orders, meetings with accountants & bank managers, monitoring & mentoring the work experience students who join us from local schools, drawing up schedules for the seamstresses to work to,  general admin and paperwork & meeting with Designers reps (who get through an incredible amount of coffee!)

In the Summer it involves early mornings, long days, and late evenings carrying out fittings & altering and preparing dozens and dozens of dresses, ready to be collected.

Last year bought one of the busiest summers we’ve ever known, with the opening of our new store, the Warwickshire Bridal Gown Outlet on August 8th (www.bridalgownoutlet.co.uk) in addition to the usual organised chaos that fills our summer days!

BGO-logo-proofIn the Spring & Autumn, a typical day involves working most Sundays at local hotels and wedding venues, attending Wedding Fayres, running fashion shows, chatting to future potential customers & networking with other wedding professionals.  Autumn also brings Harrogate – or more correctly, take us to Harrogate to the British Bridal Exhibition where we buy our dresses & accessories for the following year.

A typical Winter day will find us re-organising the shop, possibly re-decorating and definately reflecting on the how the year has gone.  How we’ve done, the ups and ocassional downs, how we can improve and move forward.  Planning the New Year Collection Launch Evening, fitting models, choosing music & choreograhing routines.

In amongst all this, is the absolute best part of the job – advising, styling & working with a Bride from the moment she steps into the shop for her first appointment, through to a day or so before the wedding, when she collects her gown, bridesmaids dresses and accessories, and we wave her off, more often than not, with big hugs.

And then we go back and start all over again.  And we wouldn’t change it for anything