Calling All Curvy Girls!

We get lots of curvy-girls visiting us.  We prefer ‘Curvy’ to ‘Plus-size’, but unfortunately ‘Plus-size’ seems to be the term used by not only bridal, but also the fashion industry as a whole.

We’ve always carried gowns for ladies above a size 18.  We’ve currently got gowns in store to be tried on from a size 10 to a 32 – something for everyone!!!

If you are a full-figured woman, please know that there are lots of amazing options out there for you and you will look stunning on your wedding day. Hopefully the following points will be helpful:

1) Go for structured gowns.




Gowns with plenty of boning in the bodice will define your gorgeous shape. Thin dresses without internal structure will cling to the form and show every little lump & bump.







2) Don’t automatically assume you can only wear an A-line or ball gown.

Our team are experienced Bridal Consultants with many years of working with girls of all shapes and sizes, who will understand your particular figure. Fishtail gowns can be incredibly flattering on curvy brides, especially if there is fullness at the bottom to balance the dramatic silhouette. If you do go for an A-line, consider one with a slight dropped waist or slimmer skirt. The idea isn’t to cover you up. It’s to show off your best assets—and everyone has them!

3) Consider ruching.






Ruching is flattering on everyone.   However, ruching isn’t one size fits all. Make sure your gown has well-balanced ruching that isn’t too wide. Also, if it draws to one side, go for it! The asymmetric look is insanely flattering on fuller figures.



4) Look for silhouettes that define your waist.

Anything that pulls in at your natural waist or lower is flattering.  Pop a  beaded belts on to draw further attention to your nipped in waist and draw the eye inward.

5)  Pleating & Seams

Avoid too many pleats in the skirt, gowns with abrupt, horizontal seams. You want a gown that flows beautifully from top to bottom (if there is a straight seam right at the hips or knees, it can widen) shiny fabrics, and overly huge skirts.

6)  Heavy Hips




If you’re keen to hide you hips, an Empire-line, Princess-line or Ball Gown can work wonders.  The empire-line falls from just under your bust, skimming over hips and the Princess-line & Ball gown can cinch in a curvy waist and make it centre of attention, with the fuller skirt disguising anything below!






7)  Arms

If you’re uncomfortable with your arms on show, consider about adding a little jacket in lace, chiffon or organza.  It won’t add much warmth, but you’ll feel more confident.  Alternatively, our extremely clever seamstresses are always popping sleeves onto strapless dresses – yes they really are that talented!!!

8)  Be happy with your choice…….

Ultimately, don’t get too caught up with rules and the do’s and dont’s. You know yourself. You know your style and your body – you’ve lived with it long enough to know what  feels right to you. The most beautiful brides we’ve ever seen were comfortable and confident regardless of size and shape.