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How to be the perfect Bridesmaid!

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From sending out invites to helping choose the dress, you’ll be helping to make a lot of key decisions. There might be tears and tantrums along the way, but don’t worry – our top tips will ensure you’ll be the …

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Drawing a Veil over it…..

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Birdcage, Chapel or Cathedral?

Who’d have thought there was so much choice when basically it just comes down to a piece of net?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to veils:



Short, sassy and elegant.   Often worn attached to a hat …

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The Boring Bits

Choosing your wedding gown is an enjoyable and exciting moment.  However, there’s more to focus on than just the dress……

When we’re taking an order from a bride, we take time to go through our Terms & Conditions of purchase, …

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It’s Official!

The Bridal Gallery Coventry is officially the Retailer fo the Year!

The Bridal Gallery has been voted the Bridal Retailers Association Retailer of the Year, 2013!

To see why we won and experience what makes us so great, why not pop along and see us.…

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