Congratulations – you’re engaged!!!

Here’s a couple of things to think about…….




Get a manicure – You’re going to be showing that ring off – a lot.  Make sure your fingernails are as gorgeous as the sparkler on the third finger, left hand!


This one sounds a little practical, but it’s essential.  Get your engagement ring insured.  Just in case.


Before you leap into the whirlwind that is planning a wedding, enjoy at least a couple of weeks of just being engaged.  Getting engaged is a huge thing and should be cherished – not just lost in the hullabaloo of the wedding preparations.


One of the most enjoyable times of your life is about to start, but before you get completely wrapped up in planning YOUR perfect day, make sure you have a chat with your brand-new Fiance and make sure you’re planning ‘HIS’ perfect day too.  Compare ideas, thoughts and suggestions and discuss what makes your relationship special.  Make decisions as a couple, that way you should end up with a day that suits you and your relationship – perfectly.


Set your budget and stick to it – this is crucial.  You really don’t want to start married life with a huge mountain of debt.


Everyone and anyone is going to have an idea on how your day should go.  What type of ceremony you should have, the style of dress you should wear, the flavour of your cake, the colour of your flowers.   Take all suggestions on board, politely, and then do exactly as you want.


There are so many decisions to make, so many different choices – you can send yourself quite crazy researching all the different options and shopping around for the best deal.  It’s perfectly acceptable to make a decision, sign on the dotted line – and then move on to the next part of the planning.


Make sure that you’re completely happy with all the parties working towards the end product.  You’re going to be seeing an awful lot of your venue-dresser, florist, hair-dresser, bridal consultant etc., so make sure you like them as much as you like their product.  The closer you get to a wedding, the more stressful and emotional it will get.  You want to be surrounded by, and working with people, you like and feel comfortable with, not dreading your next appointment with them!


Don’t let the wedding become your only topic of conversation, either with your family and friends, or with your beloved!  People are interested – but only up to a point.  Make a rule to only mention the planning when asked about it, and then briefly.  You also need to make sure that you’re still focusing on your partner as much as you were before he (or you) proposed!


Brides put an immense amount of pressure on themselves.  They want to create a day that is unique, special, different to the weddings of friends and families who’ve wed before them, a day that is remembered by all who attend it.  Try to focus on the most important things about the day – it’s about you & him saying your vows surrounded by your nearest and dearest.   If this is at the forefront of your mind, everything else will fall in to place.


Good Luck!