Drawing a Veil over it…..

Birdcage, Chapel or Cathedral?

Who’d have thought there was so much choice when basically it just comes down to a piece of net?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to veils:



Short, sassy and elegant.   Often worn attached to a hat or an Alice band.  Can also be pinned at either side of the head with pretty slides or pins.  works very well with vintage dresses, either 1920′s or 1950′s style gown’s.


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Normally measures about 20in and is traditionally worn over the face and sits just below the chin.  Can be bouffant and full, or flat to the head.

Blusher can also refer to the top tier of any veil, that can be worn over the face.

Shoulder Veils

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For the Bride who wants to show off the back of her dress, looks contemporary and stylish worn with a short or ankle length gown at a chic city wedding!

Fountain Veil

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Suits most girls and styles of dresses.  This veil is gathered on to a comb or slide and sits at the crown of the head, cascading down over the shoulders.  Normally ends around the elbows or hip.


Bouffant Veil

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Several tightly gathered pieces of tulle that attach to a headband, comb or headpiece to create height for the veil.
Not for the shy and retiring type of bride – this is a statement veil, and was popular in the 1950′s, 60′s & 80′s.


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The traditional mantilla is a circular piece of tulle or lace with lace edges draped over a comb.  It’s an alternative to more formal veils and may be any length between elbow and ballet.

Chapel Veil

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Worn over short to medium trains, and usually, although not always, has a much shorter ‘blusher’ tier that can be worn over the face if desired.

Cathedral Veil

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Fabulous full length veil wonderfully appropriate for a formal wedding.  It looks incredible over a long train, but can look equally stunning over a dress with no train.  Be careful not to have too much detail on a full length if you’re wearing it over a gown with a detailed  skirt.  Remember, less is sometimes more!  However, over a plain gown, an embellished veil can totally transform the look.