Fake it……. can you risk it????

We all use the Internet and we all like a bargain, but when it comes to your wedding gown can you really risk it?

www.facebook.com/BridesBeware has been set up by genuine British bridal wear designers and retailers to warn brides of the dangers of ordering dresses off the internet.

In the Far East, there are no such things as copyright laws – so they can post images of genuine designer gowns, and offer to supply copies of them at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for them in the UK.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

So, you place your order online via Ebay or similar sites, you send you money and your measurements and you eagerly await your dream gown……..

You’ve ordered a full skirted tulle ballgown, with a full train and a heavily embellished satin bodice, fully corseted (to give you the best possible shape)  A little like this one…….


So, you’ve got your dress sorted.  You carry on planning the biggest day of your life.  You organise your bridesmaid dresses, your flowes, your cake, cars, table-plan etc. You have a practice hair-do with your hairdresser, your make-up artist has worked her wonders on you – everything is under control!!!  Good for you.

Then, one exciting morning, you get a notification from the Post Office that they’ve got a parcel waiting for you.  It must be your wedding dress!!!!!!  Excitedly you dash to the local Royal Mail sorting office in your lunch break and collect your parcel.  Except it can’t be your wedding gown………. the gown you’re going to wear on the most important day of your life……….. the day when you marry your Prince Charming…….. because it’s arrived in a jiffy bag smaller than a cushion.


So, you take it home, unpack it and have a look……..

Now is the time for you to sit down, take a deep breath and wonder how the hell the amazing gown that you ordered has ended up looking like this…………….


 At this point, if you’re not already doing so, I suggest you sit down, have an extremely large glass of wine and think about how you’re going to look walking down the aisle in something that your 5 year old niece would turn her nose up at, if she saw it in her dressing up box.

Then I suggest you pop along to your local Bridal shop who will do their absolute best to rescue the situation for you, by supplying a real gown.  Maybe they’ll still have time to order you a brand new gown from a reputable designer, or maybe you’ll pick up a fabulous ex-sample gown from their Sale Rail at a fraction of the original price – aren’t you wishing you’d done that in the first place?