Only Brides Can Understand…….

Until you join that crowd of girls who proudly bear that sparkler on the third finger left hand, there are some things you just won’t understand about wedding planning — no matter how hard you try. This goes out to all the engaged girls out there and all the happily married brides who have been there, done that.

1. Selecting a wedding date isn’t as simple as just opening your diary and finding a free Saturday in July.  There are a lot of things (and people!) we have to take into consideration first so please bear with us.  By the time you’ve worked around your work and commitments, your fiance’s work and commitments, both sets of parents, visitors who may be flying in from overseas etc., the available dates are fast diminishing.

2. The sheer stress of having to choose your Bridesmaids.  You want your best friend since school, Mum wants you to have your second-cousin twice removed and your Mother-in-law is expecting you to have your future sister-in-law, despite the fact that you can’t stand each other!  And don’t get us started on all the friends who suddenly have ”the most gorgeous little girl” who’d look ”soooooo cute” as a flowergirl!

3. You’d love everyone you’re inviting to be able to bring a ‘plus-one’.  However, this little irritating thing called a budget keeps raising it’s ugly head and you need to stick to it.

4. The agony you feel when you’ve finally found the perfect wedding venue only to discover that the next Saturday available isn’t for another two years.

5. The fact that you’ll learn a whole new language once you get engaged, which will completely baffle your single/unengaged friends and your fiancé. Now, who wants to talk table settings, chair covers, the difference between tulle, tafetta & organza & how many tiers of red velvet sponge will it take to feed 150?

6. Not replying to to our formal wedding invite is so not the same as not RSVP’ing to the birthday party invite we sent on Facebook. We actually need to know how many people will be attending so we can plan things like table plans, wedding favours, food, and hotel room. For our own peace of mind, please send it in on time.

7. That just because we want every little detail to be perfect doesn’t necessarily make us bridezillas. In fact, we want it to be perfect because we want you and and all of our other guests to enjoy themselves.  Because then we will have fun too.

10. That as much as we complain about the planning process, we wouldn’t change it for the world because at the end of the day we get to marry the person we love and we couldn’t be more excited about that!