The Boring Bits

Choosing your wedding gown is an enjoyable and exciting moment.  However, there’s more to focus on than just the dress……

When we’re taking an order from a bride, we take time to go through our Terms & Conditions of purchase, ensuring that they fully understand what to expect of us in the run up to the big day, but also what we will expect of them too.  We explain how the dresses are sized, how and when alterations are undertaken, when their dress will be available for collection and also when payments will need to be made.  All brides are asked to read and sign a copy of our T&C’s.  They are then given a copy and we retain one – so we should all be singing from the same hymn-sheet!

It’s a little boring, but it’s necessary.  It may not seem interesting or important, and we know you are desperate to dash off and celebrate with a glass of champers, the fact that you’ve just chosen the dress of your dreams, in which you’ll marry the man of your dreams!  Please remember, however, that it is important that you fully understand what you’re putting your name too when you sign on the dotted line.

We, as much as you, want the run-up to the big day to be as straightforward and stress free as possible.

You wouldn’t dream of not reading the small-print if you were booking a holiday or buying a car would you?  A wedding dress is no different!

• Read through the terms and conditions closely, and if you have any questions at the time, don’t be afraid to ask them.  We’re here to help!

• We’ll give you a copy of the terms and conditions to refer back to, keep it somewhere safe – it might help answer any questions you have later on.

• Don’t hesitate to call, email or even pop in and visit us if a question suddenly pops into your head that you forgot to ask when you ordered your dress.

• All Bridal shops are different, so don’t rely on a friends experience to tell you how the run up to your wedding should be – some shops prefer dresses to be altered and collected weeks in advance, some (like us) are happy to carry out fittings nearer to the big day and to hold on to the dress from first fitting until a day or so before the wedding.

• Check what responsibilities you have – we will ask you to pop in as soon as possible once your dress has arrived, to check it and ensure that you’re happy.  You will also have a responsibility to settle your account within a reasonable time.

If you know what to expect from us, and vice versa – it should all go swimmingly!