Think carefully about who you take Gown shopping!!!

You’d like to think that everyone on whom you bestow the honour of gown shopping with you, will be honest yet sensitive, diplomatic and will enjoy the experience almost as much as you.  This is not always the case.  We’ve been in this business over 23 years, and believe us, we’ve seen it all; difficult mother in laws, jealous sisters, seriously over-opinionated friends and mothers who are trying to re-create their day through their daughter.  Be very careful about who you select to accompany you on your shopping trip, or you may not get the enjoyable experience you’re expecting……..

1. Your Future Mother-In-Law

Some girls have a fabulous relationship with their MiL and would love her to be part of the process of choosing the gown.  If she’s a mother only to sons, she may never have had the opportunity to go gown shopping as one of the girls, so would probably relish the chance to join you.  However, if spending Sunday lunch with her pushes you to your limits, she may not be the right person to help you choose what you’re going to wear to wed her son.

2. The Drama Queen

Some people love being the centre of attention and don’t particularly like it when someone else is.  They can turn a day that should be all about you into one that somehow turns out to be all about them!

3.  The Recently-Married

Most girls have a wonderful time planning their wedding and the day itself exceeds all of their expectations – which is why the recently married can’t resist sharing their experiences and memories with you over and over and over again.  This in itself is to be expected and it’s great to re-live the day with them – but on this occasion, wedding gown shopping is about you, not her.  If she’s likely to butt in at every opportunity with comments about her dress, her dress-shopping experience and how she knew it was the one the moment she saw it (she probably didn’t), then maybe you should arrange to meet her for coffee after you’ve chosen your gown and placed your order!

4. Any Disapproving Relatives or Friends

Choosing a wedding gown should be an enjoyable experience, but if someone in the party doesn’t approved of the relationship then they’ll cast a black cloud over your enjoyment, so it may be best if they stay at home.

5. Jealous Friends

These friends will swear blind they’re pleased for you and most of them probably think they are. However,  if they make a snide comment about your other half or your wedding plans which they closely follow up with ”I’m only joking” chances are they are consciously or sub-consciously trying to sabotage you.  If you’re sensitive or stressed out, these people should probably be avoided!

6. Know-It-Alls

You wouldn’t expect the Bridal Consultant to know all about your job, and you and your friends shouldn’t expect to know everything about her job.  Bridal Consultants are constantly updating their product knowledge and training in order to find the perfect gown for you.  This isn’t something that can be learned overnight.  When you’re choosing the gown for the most important day of your life, you want to be guided by an expert, not someone who’s watched every episode of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’!

7. An Over-bearing Mother

This is a tricky one, as all girls want their Mum’s approval when it comes to the wedding gown.  However, some brides end up giving in to their mums and ordering the dress Mum wants, rather than the dress the Bride wants.  We’ve seen Mothers reduce their daughters to tears, by a misplaced comment or look.  Daughter adores dress, mother prefers another.  If Mum is sensible, she’ll acknowledge that we all have our own personal preferences, and that she and her daughter will not always agree on everything.  The dynamics of a mother/daughter relationship can sometimes be tricky and need very careful handling, but you should remember that she’s had her wedding day, and this one is about you, not her