Train Ettiquette

Rumour has it, trains on wedding gowns are back in fashion.  We don’t think they ever went away!!!!

The majority of Brides that come to us want at least a small train, with some girls opting for full length Cathedral trains or even using a full length veil to transform a train-less dress.

According to tradition, the only exclusive prerogatives of the first-time bride are the veil and long train.  Does this mean that it’s inappropriate for a 2nd time Bride to have a train on her gown!  If she wants one, then that’s fine with us.

Styles that suit a train

Ballgowns always look good with trains.  The fullness of the skirt lends itself to a billowing train, but you certainly have other choices. A-line or Princess-line gowns also look good with shorter trains.  A Wattaeu is a train that attaches to the shoulders looks amazing on a floaty Grecian style dress and a straight dress can often benefit from a puddle train, softening a sharp silhouette,

Lengths of trains

Puddle: A small swish of a train that trails about six inches on the floor. This style  is a good choice for outdoor brides who want a touch of glamour without too much fabric dragging on the ground, or indoor brides who prefer something more simple and low-key.

Chapel: A train that extends 12 to 18 inches along the floor and is slightly longer than the sweep. This is the most common style — it’s great for brides who want a more serious train without a lot of fuss. The overall look is elegant without being too heavy.

Cathedral: This train extends 22 or more inches along the floor and gives the dress a much more formal look. Cathedral-style gowns usually have a removable train or bustling option.

Semi-Cathedral: A train that is halfway between chapel and cathedral length.

Royal or Monarch: A train that extends a yard or more on the floor. It’s the most dramatic option and often requires assistance from a flower girl. Princess Diana wore a 25-foot train, while Kate Middleton’s train was just under nine-feet long.

If you decide on a train, ensure that there is a way of fastening it up into a bustle for your reception or evening party.  It will make it so much easier to dance the night away!